Sun energy (vitamin D)

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Love tribe, let me share something that might help your body and health. It is regarding the Sun and vitamin D:

☘️Vit D is more than a vitamin it is actually a hormone, which is indicative of its importance.
☘️Vit D plays a huge role in your immune system.
☘️Vit D plays a role in allowing the body to become fully paralized druing sleep and thus allow the body to enter deep sleep.
☘️The smog above cities blocks UVB rays, which means that if you live in such an environment you are unlikely to get any substantial vit D. Especially in winter.
☘️Indirect sunlight does not produce vit D. Sun exposure through windows will not produce vit D in your system.
☘️If you exposed your skin to direct sunlight and want to raise your vit D levels you should not wash your body with soap in the next 24hours, otherwise you will wash it away as it is a fat soluable vit and takes a long time to be absorbed from the surface of the skin to the bloodstream.
☘️Vit D coming from your diet will most probably be insufficient. If you were to cover your daily needs from milk, you would have to drink liters and liters of milk. Same goes for meat. Liver and Seafood have some significant levels of D3, but most commercial seafood is loaded with toxins such as PCB’s and Heavy Metals. Not the best choice IMHO.
☘️If you are not consuming animal products, than mushrooms could be your solution, but still they contain a precursor called D2, so not the best solution either. You would have to eat a huge amount of mushrooms daily.
☘️If your 25-Hydroxy Vit D test is not within the range of 60-80ng/ml (mine was 27, due to being inside an office building the whole winter), than you should take measures. Consider supplementing with Cod Liver Oil(super high quality one to avoid pollution) or supplementing vit D3 drops(preferably natural derivatives, not chemically synthesized)
☘️Consuming healthy fat with your vit. D will increase the absorption.
☘️Commercial sunscreen is the best way to make sure you are not increasing your vit. D levels even in the summer. Not a good idea.
☘️We are designed to be outside and receive direct sunlight, without the smog, without the windows, without the sunscreen, but that is our current evolutionary state..

I’ve tried all sorts of dietary and non-dietary approaches in order to raise my body’s vibration, but the lack of this hormone is something that always brings my health downhill. Especially during winter, but not only. That is why I did a blood test and confirmed that I am deficient. Since I’ve addressed it my vitality, immune response and sleep are better.
Hope that helps your life experience as well 🙂
Namaskar 🙏🍀👌

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